HawkClan was once one of the great 5 clans, along with FerretClan, MouseClan, DeerClan and AdderClan. Skilled in arboreal living, the cats of HawkClan ruled the skies from the treetops, skilfully navigating their forest territory.

The problem with living in such a specific way, though, is that when something threatens that way of life, there’s almost no coming back from it. A great fire swept through the trees, destroying much territory from all clans, but HawkClan was hit the hardest; nearly all cats of the clan died from the smoke and flames, save for four fast and resourceful kits who retreated to the depths of the mountain adjacent to their old territory.

Surviving their literal trial by fire, the four set out onto unknown land, taking refuge in the mountain cave they now call home. Now the four, their spirits reborn from the ash of their past, rise to the challenge of creating a clan from scratch in a land unfamiliar to them.

PhoenixClan is a ClanGen comic I have been working on about a clan of cats having to start completely from scratch, with only four kits having survived the wildfire that destroyed the rest of their clan.

Most of it is already posted on tumblr here, but I wanted another place to post everything, and since I swore off all other social media platforms this was the best place to post everything!


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