Welcome to my page! This is a site where I will be posting my art, including visual art and poetry. I may also share thoughts and analyses of video games I enjoy! Please feel free to stay a while!

I have a where I play games and will eventually start vtubing, if that interests you!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to message me on my , though I should mention it is mostly a page for one of my comics!

If you enjoy what you see, please consider donating to my ! Any little donation is greatly appreciated. :)

Also, I've set up a for any visitors to sign and leave comments on if you'd like! :3

Recent Updates:

April 28th 2024

Made new art for Redshift and added it to their page and the Margayverse art page!

Updated Ollie's art to fit with Red and Milo :)

April 21st 2024

Added a new blog entry about my bday

Please note that this is still very much under construction! Please be patient as I am just one person, trying to teach myself both html and css. Thank you!



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