What is Limin's Vale?

Limin's Vale is a story I've been working on since 2015, when I was around 18 years old. I imagined it as an adult cartoon. At that time, not a lot of adult animation were made that wasn't anime, and those that were were almost always firmly in the comedy genre. I've always wanted adult animation to branch out into more varied genres, similar to how anime has many different genres. Particularly, I wanted to see a show that delved into more horror-related aspects. This was the original idea behind Limin's Vale; a horror adult animated show, but as you can imagine with a story I've been working on for years, it has changed dramatically over the years.

As it is now, I would describe Limin's Vale as... I suppose, a love story. Not between characters, but about a place, I suppose. I made the story partially to branch out adult animation, as I said, but also to immortalize a place I used to visit in my childhood. A park. My sister and I used to explore it as children, every summer. I loved to go around the forests and gardens and explore the wildlife around. I fondly remember walking to the lake with my sister, climbing trees and trying my best to identify the birds and butterflies I saw. The park is not what it used to be, but I still fondly remember it. I want others to love Limin's Vale, the place, the same way I loved that park.

With all of that backstory said... let me explain the basic premise of Limin's Vale.

The Plot of Limin's Vale

Mark Blaustein is new to the town of Limin's Vale, having moved in with his older brother Beau and sister-in-law Lillie after being kicked out by his parents. Mark is autistic, and he struggles to socialize with the people of the town, but the townsfolk all seem to share one warning with him constantly: "Don't go into the woods."

The town of Limin's Vale is a small Canadian town surrounded by a thick and dense forest, full of wildlife and wonder, but the townsfolk all seem to be very afraid of it. Mark is unsure why, but he is comfortable in the wilderness, so he quickly slips into the forest against the advice of everyone around him. In the forest he finds much life, but he also finds a mysterious bunker, full of secret cameras and a collection of artifacts... artifacts that are mysteriously similar to his own.

The artifacts are some of the most important things in this story. Mark starts the story holding his; a golden artifact in the shape of a mercury key with a bright green gem. These artifacts give their holders magic which they can wield as they see fit. All of the artifacts, save for Mark's, are in the shape of animals common to the area.

This is convenient, as while Mark tries to leave the bunker, a mysterious beast attacks. Mark is proficient with the powers his artifact give him; the power to control plantlife. He quickly disposes of the beast, but it's clear now that in order to uncover the bunker's secrets, he must find allies... and tread carefully.