Cats of the Wasteland

Oh no, another cat story...

Yup! Unfortunately for everyone I am very enamoured by the warrior cats universe and I had an AU idea that spiralled out of control.

So... let's just jump right into it!

Three cats, alone in their colonies, yet united by an unspoken and unknowable tie to each other.
Winter-holly is the best apprentice in her colony. This isn’t a secret, a debate, or tentative; everyone knows just how talented she is. This talent, however, leaves Winter-holly isolated amongst her peers… yet, few have seen her bemoan her loneliness.

Blue-jay never asked for this. He never asked to be a Moon Watcher. The seer roles already struggle to fit in with their peers, but being the only blind seer of his colony means that he is especially alone. He refuses to be the most lonesome cat in the colony, but fate has other ideas.

Red-lion is the second-in-command’s only son, and the leader’s only grandson. He is strong, brash, and stubborn, and gets away with practically everything. This narcissistic attitude, while expected, leaves him with very few friends amongst his peers. No one could guess just how deeply this isolation harms him.

Three cats, each of different colonies, each dealing with their own form of isolation. They couldn’t be any more different from each other, and yet, when they meet for the first time at a monthly colony gathering, they are all struck with the same thought; “I know you.”

This story takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting, where cats have gained knowledge akin to humans. They survive the radioactive wasteland together, in groups, and they look to their ancestors as guiding lights.

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