Faypoint Pastures

About Faypoint Pastures

Faypoint Pastures is a farming video game concept I have been brainstorming for a bit.

In Faypoint Pastures, you play as a person who just arrived to the magical town of Faypoint, seeking a quainter life than the city environment you came from. Unfortunately, if you assumed Faypoint would be calm and quiet, you'd be wrong!

Faypoint is a town situated between two powerful and magical lands, who are currently fighting each other for dominance. Faypoint survives as a neutral zone, but your farmland is juuuuust in their territories enough to be disputable for the magical creatures. They're more than happy to let you use the farmland... but may also sabotage your farm in order to frame the other side!

Conflict and magical combat is, ideally, not what you signed up for. Luckily, both sides are very open to dialogue; even with a humble farmer like yourself! Will you be able to help everyone come to a peaceful understanding, and will they FINALLY let you farm in peace?!

I've been conceptualizing the game as a 3d game but I'm also considering a sprite-based approach. (Though I worry it may invite comparisons with a certain game!) Either way, this game is far more fleshed out than any other game idea I've created, so I'm eager to work more on it!