Luminous Space Warriors

Oh boy, what's this one now?

A dumb little magical girl/boy/warrior story that I've been working on on and off.

The story follows a group of teenagers as they are brought into an intergalactic battle between alien races. The children are made aware of an alien race known as the Abussos, who believe themselves to be the bringers of the end of the universe, and who believe that end should come now. To save the earth, they accept the help of another alien race, the Khaosians, and while their motives are unclear, the teens are determined to use their new powers for good.

The story takes inspiration from many different sources, as most stories do, but some of the major inspirations are K.A. Applegate's excellent book series, Animorphs, as well as the magical girl anime genre, with Puella Magi Madoka Magica having a major impact specifically. Believe it or not, South Park of all things was also a source of inspiration here!

So what is a Luminous Space Warrior?

No one is really sure why, but the Khaosians have been amassing an army of beings all across the universe. When a Khaosian grants a wish, no matter how small, the recipient of the wish becomes something known as a Luminous Space Warrior; essentially, a super-enhanced version of the being, given powers beyond their usual capabilities.

Many luminous space warriors become vigilantes, simply answering the call to action when it comes to them; others seek to help people however they can. What they do with their powers is up to their discretion.