Basic Info

Age: 27

Ethnicity: Unclear/Unknown (lab-born)

Born: September 23rd 1996

Pronouns: They/Them usually, but they don't really care, gender is fake

Gender: Nonbinary, basically anything but Woman(derogatory)

Height: 5'11"

Hometown: Montreal, Quebec

Occupation: Full-time superhero (briefly a villain)

Powers: Gravity Manipulation




Red is one of, if not the, prime example of a lab-made hero. Born with the power to manipulate gravity itself, they underwent much experimentation until their powers were fully refined and under their control. Their name, Redshift, is in reference to the concept of gravitational redshift. The visuals of the concept are present in their hero outfit.

Red spent much of their life simply obeying orders without much thought, always believing that the scientists they worked with had their wellbeing in mind. They grew up next to Labrat and other experimental heroes, and acted as something of a role model for the other heroes there. Their stellar performance and near-perfect obedience landed them a job as a full-time superhero rather easily.

However, unbeknownst to Red, the scientists had outfitted their hero outfit with inhibitors that dampened their power. Red's power to control the gravity of all things, living or otherwise, was a potential threat if left unchecked, and rather than trusting that Red could be trained with discipline, the scientists and the government that funded them decided that their power must be dampened.

Red finds this unacceptable, hurt by the idea that the scientists didn't trust them enough to use their own power, and they briefly use their powers destructively before Margay is able to talk them down. They swiftly join Margay, after having spent time together prior, and the two are practically always working together from that point on. Despite their trust issues, Red is a reliable and sensible member of the Margang who is always using their head to get out of any situation.