Oliver Gamble

Basic Info

Age: 30

Ethnicity: Jewish

Born: December 14th, 1993

Pronouns: He/him

Gender: Cis man

Height: 6'1"

Hometown: Birchville, Ontario

Occupation: Full-time florist, part-time superhero

Powers: Enhanced strength




Formerly the poster hero of Birchville, Oliver "Ollie" Gamble is known all around town as a friendly and modest man. Despite retiring early due to a previous injury, he still spends some of his time helping heroes with their endeavours.

During his tenure as a full-time hero, Ollie was a bit cocky and arrogant, but still charming. His persona as an "unstoppable man" made him a hero to many men, but not always in the best way. This persona was encouraged by his friends, family, and the government, but it never really sat right with him personally.

After retiring due to an injury that permanently damaged and weakened his muscles, Ollie dedicated himself to becoming the kind of man he felt most comfortable being. Now, his arrogant persona has dissolved, nothing more than a memory for those who were there to see it. He is now more known for his kind and sensitive personality. He is often spoken to by new heroes just breaking into the superhero scene, giving advice and helping where he can.

He and Margay have a long history together. During their school days, Ollie allowed his superhero persona to dominate, allowing him to become popular and causing Milo to be rejected and ostracized by Ollie and their fellow students for "faking powers." This bullying continued until high school, where their individual lives became hectic and their social circles distanced. As adults, they met once again, and Ollie apologized for the events that occurred in their school days. Milo graciously accepted the apology, and the two have been close friends ever since, having realized that their interests and personalities are not so different. The two now deeply care about each other.