Sonas, Buttons, and FAQs

A little page for all the funny little characters I make to represent myself, fun little buttons and knicknacks I collect/make, and frequently asked questions. :)

Sunny Sunshine

Puppet form

Monkey form



A funny little guy with a malleable form, always appearing as whatever she likes. Tends to be a goofy guy. Been feeling this one the most!

"Sunny" Sol



A funny little sheep who also happens to be the sun incarnate. Don't worry about it.


Website Buttons

Frequently Asked Questions

"Are you a furry?"

Yes :)

"Does the puppet form count as a fursona?"

Well, technically, I'm fuzzy! So maybe!

"What's the significance of April 19th?"

It's my birthday :) I like giving creations of mine a little piece of me.

"How old are you?"

Old enough to have Pokemon Silver as my first personal video game lol

Old enough to remember the old web and regular computer classes xD